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Falcon Coatings allows architects, designers, and specifiers to approach each project with confidence. Focusing on the specific customer, our team will use its vast industry expertise to tailor made products to meet individual requirements.

Flacon Paints

Today’s decor plays a very important role in the real estate industry and it is against this backdrop that Falcon Coatings has brought a new product into the Ghanaian market called Marblelite. Marblelite is a ready mix plaster that is produced from the highest quality acrylic resin and natural multicolored marble and granite chippings.

Its prime use is as a decorative coating on facades of buildings and interior surfaces. Marblelite is highly recommended for walls and ceilings in residential, industrial premises, lobbies, corridor, hall, staircases, pillars etc. because of its natural texture and forty-five colours. Marblelite also gives a facelift to old buildings making them look newer and beautiful. Marblelite is highly resistant to water, heat, UV rays, frost and rains which means its constitution remains intact without ending in cracks, blisters and fading in the years to come. It is also resistant to Alkaline, thus no saponification. Marblelite can withstand shock and impact, it is environmentally friendly and has low odour. It has high water vapour permeability thus allowing buildings to breathe and adheres to all types of surfaces (plaster boards, cement boards, plywoods, masonry  etc.). It gives a tough water resistant finish when dry that can be scrubbed with a soft brush. Many Ghanaian have come to understand and appreciate what good finish is and the value and beauty it brings to their homes and offices. Marblelite is the right choice which can give you an ornamental finish to facades and columns as well as your interior and exterior walls. Marblelite gives a perfect finish and is also long lasting.

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